Apostle Brian McKay

Apostle Brian McKay "BMAN"

Senior Pastor / International President / Founder

Apostle Brian “BMAN” McKay is the Senior Pastor, Founder and International President of Victory Biker Church International – a growing group of non-denominational Christian churches designed by bikers, for bikers. It is his desire to be a church home for all bikers and motorcyclists from every Motorcycle Club (M/C), Motorcycle Ministry (M/M), independent riders and non-riders alike. WHERE ALL ARE WELCOME! Apostle BMAN has a burning desire to lead bikers and other social outcasts to Christ, lead them in discipleship, and then into victory in Christ Jesus. He is a church planter, an author, and a spiritual father to the fatherless, and a leader to all full-fold ministers and ministries. Email: apostlebman@victorybikerchurch.org

Floyd Brady

Floyd Brady "Crow"

Worship Pastor

Pastor Crow is the Worship Pastor of Victory Biker Church International and the President of the Sons of Victory MCM. Email: crow@victorybikerchurch.org

Kimberly Brady

Kimberly Brady "Bear"

Youth Pastor

Pastor Kim is the youth pastor of our Ironheads Youth Group. She also sings on the praise band! Email: youth@victorybikerchurch.org

Daniel McKay

Daniel McKay "Keebler


Email: keebler@victorybikerchurch.org

Bill & Shirley Rusk

Bill & Shirley Rusk

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